About EKV

Your health and fitness is arguably the most important aspect of your life. But there’s a lot of mixed messaging about how to achieve optimum health, have an attitude of gratitude and live your best life.

So where do you begin when it comes to cultivating the best version of you?

You begin by finding and working with people whose mission is to lift you up.

That’s EK Vitality.

We are building a health and fitness company that supports, encourages and cheers for its clients. We meet you where you’re at and work to build not only your physical strength and endurance but also your belief in yourself and everything you’re capable of.

When Erika began EKV, she did so with the same values her father used to build his own tool and die business from the ground up: hard work, commitment and a drive to serve others. She watched him work hard so he could build something better not only for his family but also for his community. For Erika, building EKV has been about creating and leading a team of people who share those same values and are passionate about helping others accomplish things they never thought they could.

Our biggest triumph with EKV so far is the genuine, supportive environment that compliments each one of our sessions, no matter whether it’s early morning group training, small group nutrition coaching or something in between. Everyone arrives ready to work and ready to cheer each other on, celebrating wins and holding each other up on the not-so-great days. We provide our clients with creative, challenging training sessions with everyone’s skill in mind, and help our clients make – and then exceed – process-based goals so they’re always moving forward, cultivating positivity.

Attitude is everything – and we can help you create and live an attitude of gratitude when it comes to your health and fitness.

Welcome to EK Vitality.