Private Training

Private, one-on-one training, partner training or small group training can really give your fitness – and confidence! – a boost.

Training occurs in your home – yes, we come to you! Pricing is based on the number of clients present during the session plus a few other factors, like length of training schedule, that we can discuss together before getting started.

No equipment at home? No problem! Our one-on-one sessions utilize EKV’s equipment so you don’t have to worry about buying up All. The. Fitness. Things. If you do have some of your own fitness equipment, we can definitely incorporate it into our training.

The best thing about private one-on-one training is that it is completely personalized to you. No matter what your fitness (or confidence) level, EKV one-on-one training will meet you where you’re at and develop a plan to help increase not only how much weight you can lift but also how much you believe in yourself.