Men’s & Women’s Group Training

Working out in a group environment not only gives you a great sweat session but also the chance to forge strong friendships and build camaraderie that will lift you up and keep you moving forward.

We currently run 10 hours of women’s group training per week between Glencoe and Alvinston and two hours of men’s group training per week.

Group training runs on a six-week cycle and includes an element of testing for anyone interested in tracking their progression. We program different types of workouts including components such as strength, conditioning, agility, balance and more so you’ll always get a great workout.
We encourage our clients to use the MindBody app to book and confirm their class attendance. The app also allows you to easily pay for your classes upon registration. Location, price, instructor and any other necessary info is all right there on the MindBody app under EK Vitality.

Register for our group training sessions and get the support and encouragement you need to reach your goals.

We hope to see you soon!